About Commission

  • What is Commission?

    Our members can promote through the sharing link generated by each product or discount. Once someone completes the transaction through the link you share, you can get the corresponding commission reward. We cooperate with merchants to guide them. The merchants will give us commissions, and we will return most of the commissions to our members. So as to achieve the goal of common profit.

    At present, not all of our products support earning commissions, and we are trying to speed up this process.

  • What is Est. Commission?

    The estimated commission is the amount of commission that we can obtain based on the general rebate information provided by the cooperative merchants. It may be higher or lower than the actual commission amount, But the gap will not be too big.

  • What is No Est.?

    No Est. It means that we can't collect the commission information given by the merchants to estimate the commission proportion.
    This does not mean that its promotion will not generate commission income.

  • How to withdraw Balance?

    After our members have completed the sales commission of more than $20, a cash withdrawal button will appear in Account/Earn.
    After the application for withdrawal, we will review it within 3-7 working days, It will be returned to the member through the Paypal or bank card account provided by the member.

  • Which days are withdraw payments sent out on?

    We send out payment requests once a week, on Saturday. This is so that payments requests have the time to be looked over, with no potential issues.

  • Difference between cash back and commission?

    Cash back is only available for the orders completed by the current user, while the commission can share a link with others to earn income after completing the order.
    Any of our members can share valuable products or preferential information to earn profits. In addition, we have more interesting activities, please look forward to.